Better Wheels was established in 1994 by its owner, Steven Tennenbaum. A local to Briarcliff, Steven attended Boston University and began working in the auto sales business straight out of college in the mid 80’s. Starting at the bottom rung with Hyundai, Steven quickly worked his way up and worked for several other dealers until deciding to venture out on his own.

With this new business, the aims were clear –

1) Provide safe, quality used cars to those in the market that can’t just walk in and buy a new car at the brand dealerships. Like those without stellar credit, or a fabulous job that pays well enough to afford a brand new vehicle, or a company vehicle for you and your family’s needs. Or those who didn’t get a new car for their 16th birthday. Or those who fall on hard times and only have so much to break out with. Or even if you just don’t buy into the constant chase of NEW EVERYTHING in your car.

2) Provide a strong, competitive and trustworthy alternative outlet for purchasing all vehicle types.; Why pay full price on the hamster wheel of monthly payments for a car you have to give back when the lease ends (or fork over a hefty balloon payment) when you can outright own your vehicle? What about niche vehicles? We love manual transmissions. The big dealers don’t. We know there are plenty of people who agree with us. We have a passion for cars and love to meet those who share that with us. Here we can help one another find the car or parts needed, or at least point in the right direction. There is so much more to the auto sales industry than just new and used daily drivers. We have the freedom to explore all areas of the field.

3) Build a relationship with customers based on trust, respect and genuine reciprocal affinity between customer and business that is mutually beneficial. We only exist because doing everything in our power and ability to make sure every customer not only leaves happy, but remains satisfied and overall pleased with our efforts and services, is the only way to run a business like ours. The days of the shyster used car salesman (at least outside of the big city) are over. If customers aren’t satisfied, they will not come back, they will let the digital world know, and the business will fail. That’s exactly why we’re still here!

For these reasons and many more, we are here to serve you. There is still a place for doing things in a personal, ground floor manner where you are able to see the whole process through from start to finish. You can see the nuts and bolts, the gears turning, the big blocks put into place and the finishing touches applied…..instead of sitting in a sterile waiting room and being part of an automated process that doesn’t care if you know what just happened.

We do. We want you to know. We will tell you, and we want you to tell us what you think and what you want to know. We want you to leave in your newly purchased vehicle satisfied that you weren’t just taken advantage of by someone who hopes you don’t understand, but instead feeling empowered in having handled your business well, pleased in how you were treated and learned something along the way.

That’s why we are Better Wheels.

Steven and wife, Prakob.